A Relaxing ritual with Essential Oils

During the Holistic massage treatment, we use selected essential oils (of your choice) and incorporate a wide variety of techniques from all around the world (Asia, Europe, Americas). We also like to call it an “Anti-Stress” massage, since we do not focus on the deeper muscle layers, but work more light in order to activate the nervous system (parasympathetic).

The aim is to detoxify and relax the body, elevate the soul, thus bringing a state of harmony, balance, and inner peace. At the same time, the skin will be nourished, the flow of energy will be released and the body will be relieved from tension and pain.

This treatment also includes a short (approx. 5′-7′ minutes) head massage.

* Massage on the face & abdominal area is not included.

      90′ min. “Holistic Massage” – €70,00 €60,00
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      120′ min. “Holistic Massage” – €85,00 €75,00 
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