Our Gift Vouchers are VALID for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Contact us (2108835506 or ) and we’ll tell you about the simplest and easiest way to offer the best Gift to your loved ones. Throughout the years we have simplified the gift voucher process and made it completely hassle-free!


Gift Vouchers are a fabulous idea as an offering to your friends and loved ones.

Below you can choose from a selection of our most popular massage services or choose the “Wild-Card” option in order to select another service of your choice from our Pricelist page.

You can pay with your credit/debit card via PayPal.  When the transaction has been completed we will try to contact you immediately in order to give you a written confirmation (via email). We will also need to exchange the details concerning the beneficiary (name, contact details etc.).

When you click on the “Buy Now” button, you will be re-directed to our secure payment gateway in PayPal. Please note that you don’t need to have a PayPal account in order to use this service.

  • Our Gift Vouchers are NOT strictly personal like our Discounted Packages and can be used by any other person of your choice.
  • There won’t be any printed gift vouchers and there’s no need since we keep track of all our records. We either contact the beneficiaries to announce their gift or we leave it up to you (whichever option you prefer).
  • The Gift Vouchers should be used within one year from the date they were purchased. After this period expires, the gift voucher will have no value. The responsibility for redeeming any Gift Voucher purchased from us is solely the responsibility of the beneficiary, who must/should be informed about our policies, by the buyer.
  • In the unlikely case that our prices change and the Voucher doesn’t cover the cost of the purchased treatment, there will be no additional charge for the beneficiary, nor there will be any reason to mention this event to any of the parties involved.
  • After a purchase has been made, there cannot be any refunds.
  • In the case of “no-shows” or inexcusable delay in arrival (for more than 30′ minutes and without any prior notice) unfortunately, the Gift Voucher will be canceled and its value will be eliminated (will be considered as a cancelation fee).
  • Also written or even verbal requests for cancelations from the beneficiary’s side, in a time period of fewer than 24 hours, will have the same immediate effect as mentioned above (cancelation). The customer who purchased the Gift Voucher cannot request a refund since it was his/her responsibility to inform the beneficiary about our terms.
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“WILD CARD” – Online Gift Option

(Pay as much as you want)

Use this option in order to purchase any other treatment (or even a combination of treatments), which is not mentioned on this page. Once you’ve been redirected to PayPal, you will see an empty field. There you can enter the total amount needed for the treatment (or treatments) of your choice.
See our pricelist again if necessary, in order to enter the correct amount.