Most of the below-mentioned measures have been part of our everyday life here at MASSAGE POINT for many years now. Nevertheless, there are a few more protocols that we are forced to implement due to the COVID-19 crisis. These protocols reflect our new, more strict policy concerning hygiene (disinfection, cleaning floors & surfaces, linen care, social distancing, our communication etc.).

Your obligations:
  • If you have a fever, if you cough or if you even feel weak for some strange reason, please call us to cancel your appointment and have a medical expert examine you immediately.
  • We will accept only guests with a confirmed reservation and from a country of origin which is included in the updated “white-list” issued by the Greek authorities. We would like to apologize for this strict measure, but we cannot avoid it since it’s for our mutual benefit. This is the reason why we insist to let us know about your country of origin when you fill out our contact form.
  • Furthermore, you cannot be accompanied by any other person without a reservation as well. Walk-ins are NOT accepted.
  • Please bring your clean facemask with you. It will be necessary to wear it mainly during your arrival and after your treatment. If you do not have such a mask, we will offer a single-use disposable one, free of charge. While wearing the facemask, make sure you have covered your nose and mouth.
  • You are obligated to take care of your personal hygiene before visiting us. If you are arriving after a long walk or organized tour and you didn’t have the time or the chance to do so, we can offer you the option to take a shower here (before your treatment commences). We always clean-disinfect our guest’s feet before our treatments anyway.
Our obligations:
  • As we have always done before, we are obligated to offer clean white towels to our guests in order to cover them during the treatment or even in order for them to dry their hands & bodies after taking a shower or simply after freshening up. These towels will be washed in high temperatures with special antiseptic detergent. After the treatments, all towels will be removed and kept in an isolated storage room until they are washed.
  • Antiseptic Gel bottles will be accessible in each room of our massage center, for our guests to use at any given time. Similar, or perhaps even more strict measures apply for our staff members as well.
  • Our massage center will be thoroughly cleaned (including treatment rooms, surfaces such as floors, doors, even door handles, etc.) with special antiseptic cleaning agents before and after every visit.
  • The building in which our business is located has been disinfected recently by a professional sanitation crew. This process will be repeated as often as possible, but one must understand that all public spaces (except our massage center) cannot be our responsibility. There is a special cleaning crew that cleans the entire building on a regular basis.
  • Miscellaneous small items or decorative objects like business card stands, price lists, magazines, our guestbook etc., will be temporarily removed and placed back when conditions allow it.
  • Amenities, treatments such as snacks, chocolate bites, dried, or fresh fruit, will continue to be offered. We will also offer fresh filtered water or/and herbal tea (unless government regulations say otherwise). In this case, you are advised to bring your own drinking water. Any other kind of beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, etc. are not allowed.
  • Keep in mind that we keep our air conditions (especially the filters) always clean.
  • It would be wise to avoid unnecessary hand or body gestures (ie. handshakes). Also, it is important to avoid touching our eyes, noses, or mouths, especially if we haven’t yet disinfected our hands.